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Welcome to DK Recruitment, where we specialize in delivering top-tier professional staff to elevate your company's performance.
Let us empower your success with our skilled manpower solutions.


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DK Recruitment

DK Recruitment specializes in providing skilled professionals to top companies, empowering success with skilled hands. Our tailored manpower solutions have supported industry leaders like Shein, Albea, Mat Daina, and Aurora Logistics. With a focus on excellence, reliability, and personalized service, we are committed to enhancing your workforce with the best talent available.

We help our clients with expert professionals.

Shein - Delivery Services, Manpower

Aurora Logistics- Manpower, Picking , Putway, Spider

Albea - Machine Operator, Production Helpers

Mat Daina - CNC Operator, Grinder Worker, Welders

Message from our CEO

Greetings, I am Deependra Khatri, CEO of DK Recruitment,
specializing in top-tier manpower services. Founded in 2012 in
Qatar, we offer services such as cleaning, bike delivery, security,
and more. In Nepal, we established Partava Hospitality, catering to
leading startup enterprises like Foodmandu and Bhojdeals.

We are known for our commitment to excellence, delivering
reliable and high-quality service to our clients. Our manpower is
carefully selected and trained to ensure the highest standards.
What sets us apart is our personalized approach, attention to
detail, and unwavering commitment to custome satisfaction.

At DK Recruitment, we redefine the standards of manpower
services through innovation, reliability, and customer-centric
solutions. Our goal is to exceed expectations and provide
unmatched value to our clients. We appreciate the trust you have
placed in us and look forward to achieving success and prosperity

Warm regards,
Deependra Khatri
CEO, DK Recruitment


Easy Process

DK Recruitment offers a seamless and hassle-free job recruitment process, connecting employers with qualified candidates effortlessly.

Cultural Diversity

DK Recruitment embraces cultural diversity in job recruitment, fostering an inclusive workplace where perspectives are valued and celebrated.

Quality of Work Environment

DK Recruitment strives to create a high-quality work environment, growth and to attract and retain top talent in the job recruitment industry.

The People Who Make It Happen

At DK Recruitment, our dedicated team works tirelessly to connect you with the best international opportunities.
Meet the experts who are committed to making your career dreams a reality.

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Opportunities? Let's Chat!

Our team at DK Recruitment is here to guide you through every step of your international career journey. Reach out to discover how we can help you find the perfect job abroad and unlock your full potential.



Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! LookScout is worth much more than I paid. I would like to personally thank you.

Joe Christensen


Frequently Asked Questions

Poland's job market ally, empowering seekers with expertise and comprehensive support for a successful career journey.

How to submit your Documents?

Simply scan and email your documents to our dedicated submission email address provided, ensuring a swift and hassle-free process

Know Rules & Regulations

For Information on rules and regulations, kindly refer to the official Government of Poland website at https://www.gov.pl/

How to get Embassy Datas?

Please consult the official embassy website or contact their dedicated appointment booking system for detailed instructions and available options.

How to Flight Tickets?

Simply provide your travel details to our team at DK Travel Services, and we'll take care of securing the best flight options tailored to your needs.

How can DK Recruitment help?

DK specializes in matching qualified candidates with the right job opportunities, offering personalized guidance and support throughout the hiring process.

What are the jobs available?

For an updated list of available jobs, please visit our Jobs section page. We regularly update the page with new job opportunities to match your needs.